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All Sixes 30/07/11

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Pic from Steam Me Up Kid, isn't this the rad-est blog header you've ever seen?


Be excited, kiddos! There’s a new blog feature a-coming to town.

All Sixes presents, every Thursday (if we remember), our favourite links from all around the interweb. It’s a chance to delve into the mind of The Jazz Emporium. We will offer up 6 links to blogs or websites we think hit it on all sixes; i.e. they’re firing on all six cylinders and as such are performing at 100% awesome!!! Indulge in some surfing and get inspired!

1. Love Aesthetics: has given us the best gift ever in her video of the perfect summer hair-do.

2. KJohn Soul: like we mentioned on Facebook, we love K John’s style. Every drugstore cowboy needs to check this blog out.

3. Steam Me Up Kid: camel toe, enough said. Well actually, maybe we should say that this is one of our favourite humour blogs. If you don’t laugh til you cry, you may not actually be a real person.

4. Honestly…WTF: some of the best fashion DIY currently out there.

5. Yikes Machine: presents some very practical tips for moving to New York on a budget. Not saying The Jazz is gonna emigrate any time soon, but it’s nice to be well informed :)

6. Christiana Rants: wise words for everyone to live by in this digital-age, from this sassy lass.


So what are your favourite blogs?

– Jazz Out


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