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Sassy Bearcat of the Week: M.I.A

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Keeping the controversial style icon theme going, we skip right ahead 40 odd years to this spunky babe. (Ugh, everything about that last phrase is freaking me out – spunky?? Babe?? Enough, let’s move on.)

M.I.A – real name Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam, is another fine female riding on The Jazz’s wavelength. A tiny fierce bundle of energy, this girl takes going fearless to a new level, both in her musical career and her unapologetic approach to fashion.


Of course, not giving a shit how other people judge your own sense of style does sometimes end up sparking a lot of debate – take her maternity wear choices for example; especially the much criticised and celebrated ladybug dress she wore for her appearance at the Grammys. Personally, we don’t get them haters. The female body is beautiful, no? And growing a baby inside you is a beautiful thing; something to be celebrated in each momma’s own way. What, was she supposed to shove on a draping wrap maxi-dress to try and mask the bump? What kind of symbol of pride would that be from a lady who is usually likely to be seen in swimming costumes and sequin leggings whilst nipping down to the shops? Pshaw.

She also gives hope to all those who feel age is catching up on them – (which, by lord, The Jazz are feeling acutely these days. Damn crows feet – we’re not even 24 yet…!), for this gorgeous lady, the centre of many trends and with her fingers on the pulse of many others, only hit stardom at the age of 31, and is cruising along on a Grammy,BET, ASCAP & UK Asian award winning high at the sweet age of 35 – as well as being nominated for an Academy award! (Thank the lord, it’s not all over for us yet!)

The final star to stick on this bearcat’s multi studded chart is her acceptance by the lords and ladies of high fashion; once refused from a Marc Jacob’s party, she has since modelled for him, and been cited as best dressed in Vogue. She modestly turned down her inclusion on the 50 most beautiful people list though; which goes to show that only the hottest babes need no published validation. We can all learn a thing or two from this girl; and if you haven’t thought to listen to her music yet, what the hell have you been doing with your life??

– Jazz Out.


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What, this isn't what you wear to spin classes too?


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