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Calling all bloggers!

Fancy being a guest blogger for The Jazz Emporium? Yeah you do!

We’re looking for someone to provide us with one blog post a week for maybe a couple months. Preferably you will have your own blog and be on The Jazz’s wavelength; witty, fashionable, a vintage lover and definitely have a little attitude. Whether you’re an established blogger, or just starting out we’d love to hear from you.

Friend us on Facebook and leave a comment on our wall, drop our name on your Twitter, or be pure retro 00’s and send some of that old electronic mail at and we’ll get back to you with further details – and let us see some examples of your fine fashionista work!!

EDIT: To let all those interested know, registering of said interest for the July/August position will close on the 30th of June – which gives all those starting out time to tap up some examples of their work for us to view! Show us yer blogs n togs!

– Jazz Out.


3 thoughts on “Opportunity!

  1. ooh… I’m interested! tell me more… anneleen x

  2. Hi, I might have missed the deadline, however I’m way interested, please let me know or keep me in mind, Thx!.

    robyn of

  3. Hi again Robyn!
    The guest blogger position runs on a bi-monthly basis, and we’re still taking applications for the sept/oct position, so if you’re still up for it we’ll count your comment as an application and send you an email with more information. Thanks, you sass-pot! x

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