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Hi Ho, Jazzy Kids! Ok that actually makes you sound like a dementedly grinning Glee club, our apologies. Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely Sunday, do let us know what you’ve been up to. The Jazz have been pretty busy attending a wedding, gardening, catching up on must see films (namely Toy Story III) and cooking some scrummy food this weekend. But, we just thought we’d alert you to the fact one half of The Jazz is now writing a personal blog over at V! for Vero. If you like crafts, DIY and random fashion inspiration (as depicted above) this is where to go, check it out!

Also, we’ve been suffering some minor hiccups with the Lookbook what with dodgy computers and illness etc so fingers crossed it will be here soon!

Don’t forget to be our friend on Facebook, we’re under the moniker of JazzEmporium Too!


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