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Blind No More!

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Kind readers you may remember that one of The Jazz’s favourite traders at Granny Would Be Proud Vintage & Craft Fair is the Eyedresser! Oh, how we have longed and longed for some stylish eyewear from their stall. If you’ve gotta wear something on your face to stop you running for the wrong bus everyday then it better be something that you’ll love. So, we saved our pennies and finally The Jazz is the proud owner of these little 80’s take on the 50’s beauties….

Oh and the service at Eyedresser was delightful! The Jazz was allowed to hum and haw for a full hour over the hundreds of glasses they had, all without the slighest sigh or furrowed brow from the staff. Keep tabs on the Granny Would Be Proud facebook page for when the awesome Eyedresser will be there.

Contact them on


One thought on “Blind No More!

  1. You’ve made me blush! Just to let you know that I now have my own Facebook page (search: eyedresser) if any of your readers want to keep in touch.
    Cheers and thanks for flying the flag for eyewear with personality. Michael @ Eyedresser

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