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A New Addition to the Team…

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It was a sad day last Sunday at Granny Would Be Proud.

The lovely creator of the fair, everyone’s favourite granny herself, Frederique is uprooting for a move down to the fair city of Manchester with her lovely new fiancé, and last Sunday was her last appearance for a wee while.

We shall miss you, Fred!

And in your honour, we introduce to all the jazz fans a beautiful lady, who cannot take you place, but can certainly ease the loss…


Meet The Jazz Emporium’s new mascot; barbie Freddy!

A beautiful lady gifted by Granny Fred herself...

Oh, she's a tease this one!!


Already getting to grips with the Jazz, Freddy, watches our beloved stock whilst we nip off for a smoke...


Freddy will be following us on our travels this summer, so we’ll keep you updated of any ruckus she causes. We can tell she’s going to be a cheeky one…

If any of you have your own mascot, why not send us in photos of the wee mites to… The most attractive ones may even appear on the blog!

Not that we’re shallow or anything… ahem.


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