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Repeat After Me….I am Free

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The Jazz are delighted to announce that we will be taking part in PLATFORM 2’s exciting I Am Free Fashion Show.

It is being organised by PLATFORM 2, a brillant charity who encourage young people to undertake volunteering projects abroad. We will be showcasing 8 looks, with an emphasis on our sassy re-worked pieces, alongside other great independant designers like Florence To, vintage gals like Betty Swollocks & ethical designs like Gossiypium. This is our first ever catwalk show, so you can imagine we are so incredibly excited!

It’s being held at Stereo, a great little music venue in Glasgow, on Tuesday 22nd February. That’ s in 2 weeks, kids! Tickets are only £2, and all proceeds go towards supporting Christian Aid.  If you are interested in purchasing a ticket, just drop us an email at and we’ll try n sort you out.

We’ll keep you lovely folk posted as when we know more details….


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