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Why be a part-time charmer indeed! One of The Jazz’s personal resolutions is to be more glamorous, we reckon we’ve got the clothes down but we’re needing a helping hand in the make-up and beauty department – there needs to be less chipped nails, dry skin and wonkily applied eyeliner. So we’ve been scouring the internet for inspiration and these are our favourite beauty blogs & videos….


Pixiwoo are two incredibly talented professional make-up artists, who are also sisters, who create these super easy to follow video tutorials on with loads of different looks – from the basic techniques, everyday looks, dramatic night-time ones, catwalk trends, oh and vintage…..

Oh but because they are actual in the make-up biz they sometimes use products or tools which are a tad expensive to some – so our little tip is to watch intently and take a note of what kind of product they use, the colours and the technique and hit Boots for an alternative!

Beauty Bombshells

Beauty Bombshells is a gorgeous blog all about how to recreate looks of the great beauties of the past, think Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner & Marlene Dietrich. With make-up tips, how to recreate vintage hairstyle and style advice this blog is a treat. Oh and Merle Brown who runs it is from Edinburgh….

Also….Katy’s Beauty Blog is good for new looks and beauty product tips for something a little bit more down to earth.

The Jazz also just heard about Hairball Alley, an awesome blog giving you vintage hairstyle inspiration and tutorials, and even if no matter how hard you try you just can’t do it right there available for hire. Now if only The Jazz had a fancy schmancy occasion to go to….We don’t really have any excuses to be anything other than oh so alluring now, do we. Got any beauty tips for us?

EDIT. Just remembered this swell lil beauty blog Girl in the City, not just any old city but Glasgow city!  Check it out….


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