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The Jazz have finished all of their Christmas shopping, yep that’s right, we’ve finished. Ho ho ho. Oh, every normal person has already finished. Damn. Princes St was super crazy, full of shopping zombies and wild bargain hunters we’re lucky we escaped with our lives. The only consolation was the beautiful sunset, which we tried extra hard to photograph in the dodgiest way possible.

Oh and Shebas, we love this jumper. We have no idea if we’ve shared it with you all before but isn’t it great. The loveliest shade of orange , the delightful houndstooth pattern and the chic little neck-tie detail brings to mind a distinguished lady writer in the 1950’s sitting at her desk poised with a pen deep in thought. It would be perfect teamed with a snug pencil skirt and some leather brogues.

You guess right, the colour of the day is ORANGE. A much maligned colour, but one which The Jazz love.


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