The Jazz Emporium

Let's get our Vintage on!

Party Aftermath…

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Thanks to all who made it along for the Merry Craftmas and Who is Joining The Dots? Exhibition opening!


I think we made a few people sick from the incredibly rich cake – for this we are sorry. But you can only blame yourselves for scoffing it down with such gusto; to be honest I’m somewhat wary of toffee and chocolate christmas cake myself – it seems too strange a concept…

Actual photo of guest... Maybe.


After the lack of sleep the night before, and from rejigging the shop all morning long our little Jazz hands (geddit) were worked to the figurative bone and therefore a further apology must be made for being party poopers and heading home earlier than planned. We can assure you, however, that we would have needed more than matchsticks to prop our eyes open had we stayed any longer; more like door stops or allan keys! Neither of which, we imagine, would have been a very pleasant to experience for anyone involved or nearby.

The new statement bag?

However, we are not at all sorry about how we’ve transformed the shop! Get your crafty little bums down here and check it out for yourselves! You must know the address by heart now.

Photos will follow…


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