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Looking good can be hard work – we all know that.

Well, unless you’re part of The Jazz that is and it comes naturally to you… Ahem. Okay, even we have to work at it sometimes, and we have many little secrets to ensure we radiate some unique stylish consistency… Lucky for you we’ve chosen to share one with you…

Normally we wouldn’t promote other ways of aquiring fancy second hand threads from anyone other than ourselves, for that would be like a Doctor recommending you see a beauty therapist about your verruca (ugh, sorry for that analogy, but you get what we mean). Pointless and painful. And slightly gross.

However, we’ve been using this site for some time now and having reaped the rewards ourselves, selfishly, we felt it was about time to share it with you all! This  Jazz secret is all about looking good on a shoestring (seeing as currently all our income goes towards the upkeep of our emporium and ensuring we don’t starve…).

AND it’s the perfect place to offload all those unwanted Christmas presents when the time comes!

Follow the link to see how…

They’ve recently had a site overhaul and have upgraded from swapping  purely clothes. Now they swap anything from books & dvds to power tools! Crazy.

They do tend to swap mostly high street though, so if you’re only interested in vintage… you know where to find us… and here.

But shh… we didn’t tell you…


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