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Image courtesy of Nicola Hopper…

There is a stereotype that British folk talk about the weather more than other countries but there is good reason with our untamed climate shocking us with cold smacks every other day!!!!! All anybody has been talkin’ about here  in Scotland is the fact it snowed last night….YASS!

Wish we had remembered to take a pic, but we were enjoying the spectacle and trying to keep warm way too much to remember, sorry Jazz fans we really are rubbish sometimes. [Update: Rectified this by stealin’ a pic of one of The Jazz’s mates ]

So prepare yourself; The Jazz is in a super christmassy mood this year…Usually we moan and sneer at the shops filling with jingly rubbish, the awful adverts that start before Halloween and everyone ‘enjoying themselves’ as they bruise several bones ice skating, but this year all we can say is bring it on!

Tell you what though, the snow makes it somewhat difficult driving to Kirkcaldy and back to start the fix up of the pop-up shop – especially when a whole bottle of windscreen washer barely clears a hole in the frosted glass large enough to see through! Don’t worry – we were unharmed; and more importantly the new shop fittings survived the trip – phew.

Excitement rises as the temperature drops!


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