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Humble apologies Jazz fans…we’ve been neglecting you of late, we’re still recovering from our wild weekend in the delightful city of Manchester. The Jazz reckon if we ever had to move to England it would be there….

The reason The Jazz traveled all that way….

We went to The Warehouse Project to see Die Antewoord & M.I.A, also Rusko and Doorly – it was a really awesome night!

Normal service will be resumed tommorrow…..’til next time all you shebas n sheiks.


2 thoughts on “Manchester

  1. as a northerner i have to say sheffield is also pretty awesome ;0) manchester is great though.

  2. Yello Anneleen! So Sheffield is jivin’ also? Interesting…The Jazz have yet to visit there, but we did hear something about it being a good place for dubstep. Ok, we’ll put it on our travel wish-list. So that’s….South-Africa & Sheffield at the mo :). Thanks for checking out our wee blog, chica!

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