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Oh, the eternal conundrum…

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Here at The Jazz Emporium we like to help all our lovely customers + readers with any problems they have, preferably relating to fashion but we’re game to help you solve any conundrum, perhaps ones involving a loved one, a fat flatmate who eats all your food, or maybe even an evil cat who’s out for revenge cos you failed to pet him…

A couple of days ago this tearful letter reached the hallowed digital walls of our inbox. Read it and weep children…and maybe write some helpful comments below for the poor boy.

Dear Auntie Jazz,

I’m a suave sophisticated lad currently shaking my booty -and other assorted body parts- for thrills and spills in the land of smiles.

[Auntie Jazz felt the next section was slightly too salacious too print, sorry Jazz fans maybe ask us in person and we’ll whisper it in your ear if no small children are around….]

[He continues] I’m always on the look-out for form-fitting, figure-huggin and above all fabulous outfits to help me look my best on stage. However I hate having too many clothes in my wardrobe so would also like them to double as respectable day-to-day togs. My kit needs an overhaul!

Oh please won’t you help get my wardrobe a-go-going again?

The Queen of the Dance


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