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Sunday Snippet…

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Just a quick post…to say a BIG thank you to all the glamorous gals ‘n’ fly boys who attended Granny Would Be Proud’s vintage and craft fair yesterday. Aside from a minor rail disaster – as in clothing rail, don’t worry you don’t need to tune into the news – we had a lovely day. The Jazz met some very stylish & lovely customers, chatted to the awesome Fred who runs the fair, and made inquiries for some prescription vintage cheaters – it’s happening baby! Oh and one of our favourite  pieces was sold today – bye bye ‘Polka Dot Bumble Bee Top’ we know you’ve gone to a good home!

As per usual we ate some tasty cupcakes – this time they were the delectable cheesecake variety. Yeah, we were  skeptical too until we took a hearty bite of that cupcake, it was de-licious. We’ll be back at GWBP in a month’s time, that’s the 5th of Dec to pen in your diaries folk.

Now ’cause it’s 2.40am, which is either very late in the day or early in the morning depending on which way you look at it, The Jazz can’t decide if we want to go dancing or put our collective feet up and chill’ out – so here’s the awesome song Jah Warrior from Roots Manuva which feels like the perfect compromise.

Bonne nuit, Jazz fans x


One thought on “Sunday Snippet…

  1. It seems that at this time of the morning the dash monster rears it’s ugly head. The Jazz can only apologise!

    — o — o —-

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