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Man Stroke Woman

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Not only has vintage fur been on the giant ever-whirring brain of The Jazz, we’ve also been contemplating that with the call of winter, comes also the call to toughen up our look. To man up, in fact.

By pairing your guy’s baggy vintage shirt with your on-trend peg trousers, you’ll have the makings of a dapper outfit. Flirt with the bowties; open and draped round your neck or even tied up in your hair. Team with braces, dark leather accessories and chunky footwear like workers boots or brogues to complete the look! It especially works when you pair romantic feminine patterns with the stronger masculine shapes.

C’mon let’s embrace our androgynous side!

Romantic 80’s Shirt – Sold

Liberty Print Peacock Bowtie – £18

Leather belt – Model’s own

Maroon Braces – £7

Lovely Lilac Pirate Trousers – £10

p.s. Don’t drink and smoke kids, full stop. It looks cool but it ain’t good for ya.


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