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Winter Approaches…

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The Jazz Emporium was always inclined to believe Autumn came before Winter, but sweet little Jesus, has it been chilly in Glasgow recently!

With those who sympathise (I know not all of you hail from such ruthless shores) with such painful weather, let’s face it – no matter how hot damn diggidy you look in this weather, you’ll still be shivering in those ill-advised summery clothes.

Yes – we are a lucky generation for our wardrobes to be wearable year-round, with that bright little summer smock looking equally suitable over opaque tights & long sleeves, but appearance isn’t everything, my fine bearcats; modern clothes are not built for this weather! Especially the tuppenny tops you can pick up at certain high street stores I will not name…

What to do, what to do?? Here are our options for the colder weather…

Option No.1:

Take no heed of the weather, and dress according to your mood (in this case, jovial).

Option No.2:

Wrap up in the warmest (yet, not the most sexy) gear you can find.








(On second thoughts… The Jazz highly approves of the lady’s effort – that’s quite a snood. Lady Gaga, is that you…?)

Option No.3:

(A Jazz Emporium recommended cure for this chilling (quite literally) ailment.)


Controversial; yes, but believe us we have no delight in supporting a current fur trade – only the trade of that which has history, significance and are articles of clothing so sublime it would a crime to waste them. So in this case we say, ‘Out with the new, in with the old!’

Stairway to cosy style

The stairway to cosy style..

Less controversially, the fur we stock right now for you tasty little bearcats is 100% pure fakery, so even if you don’t agree with our stance, you can still get a touch of that controversial glamour in your wardrobe without a spot on your mind.

Check our events page for the next stall, and come down to see our furry wares for yourself! Until next time, folks… don’t take any wooden nickels.


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