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The Art of Needlework

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The Jazz have been obsessed with fashion and underground mags since we were 13 years old, so don’t know ’bout you guys but sometimes when your flicking through a glossy or scouring the blogs you feel bored, you’ve seen it all – everything is passé. And then from the depths of the internet you clap eyes on the wonderfulness  that is Mr. Aldo Lanzini. He blurs the boundaries between fashion and art, creating these amazingly intricate and colourful pieces.


The blogosphere have been chattering about Lanzini as he created 30 different masks for ushers to wear at Missoni’s Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show! Now that would have been pretty damn rad…


In his own words….

‘A needle in my pocket is lighter than a hammer: I’m referring to philosophy, the muse behind my work.


If you happen to be in Milan before the end of the year, our lovely Jazz friends do check out his exhibition at Le Case d’Arte  Gallery and report back!


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