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South Africa, that’s where it’s at…

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Image of the smarteez taken from Elle Decorations South African Edition…

Still suffering from camera issues, f*cking boo.

So here is some more glorious filler – so you know The Jazz still love you albeit in a random kinda way – in the form of some pretty rad counter-culture fashion and music from South Africa. Tasty!

First up, the internet sensation Die Antwoord. Cannot stop listening to this song, there has been a massive hoo-ha as to whether they’re the real deal or a clever in-joke but what the HELL they make a damn good tune in a 90’s bad rap kinda way.

Which led us to remember, the freakin’ brilliant smarteez who were featured in Dazed and Confused a while back. They’re an exciting fashion collective from Johannesburg. Dunno, ’bout you but The Jazz do get a little bored of the whole repetitive “oh, what ARE the cool kids in London and New York wearing? Oh black again, well isn’t that interesting” so it’s only a good thing for other cities to get some airtime.

Photo of the smarteez (Via: chrissaunderssa.blogspot, dazeddigital)

Hot damn! Their colour play is excellent!

Sadly, there isn’t much info about Smarteez on t’internet; this video, which you must watch immediately and this fun interview with Elle Interiors where they mention this electro-tastic band called Gazelle from Cape Town….

And finally we’ll leave you with the Jack Parow another Afrikans rapper from Bellville in the Western Cape, with Dans Dans Dans! Loving his so-tacky-its-cool look. This is definitely our new party song, time to slam a red bull and get dancing!

So that is it, The Jazz will just have to stop over in Johannesburg on the way to Mauritius next time and see what’s going down!


One thought on “South Africa, that’s where it’s at…

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