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Granny Would Be SOOOO Proud!

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Finally got some pics developed (how old school are we) of Granny Would Be Proud’s First Birthday Party, it was held at the delectable Hillhead Bookclub.

Our Strongman was pretty popular, though I think some boys who fancied themselves as macho where quite disappointed that the only person to hit the bell was a very small, slim girl. Haha. If your wondering what the different levels were, this is the order:

1. DING! DING! A proud Strongman Mustache

2. Zappa Mustache

3. Cop Mustache

4. Anchor Mustache

5. Toothbrush Mustache

There was a vintage photobooth, where you could dress up in funny hats and get an instant memory of the night.

The decor was lovely! All distressed walls, vintage trunks, cocktails served in gramphones,  drinking out of jamjars or posh champagne saucers, giving it the whiff of faded glamour and decadence. Plus, bunting The Jazz have a massive obsession with bunting, it’s the best.

The excellent music from The Shiverin’ Sheiks

Brilliant dancing from the Zoot Swing gang…

Pretty fun night in all, well done Fred and gang!!!

If your feeling a little sad you couldn’t make it, don’t worry the magic will be happening every week at GUU as Granny Would Be Loud.

The pretty cool style blog Les Garcons De Glasgow took some official pics of the event….there’s even a sneaky pic of The Jazz.


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