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The Jazz Needs You!

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That is right! The Jazz Emporium is looking for a model or two for an up-coming photo-shoot in Glasgow, on Saturday 18th September.

We want the type of gal who is sassy, rocks a good look, is easy-going and most of all fun!

This opportunity would suit maybe an aspiring model or performer, but really it is open to anyone who loves to wear awesome clothes and throw some shapes. You can check out our last photo-shoot here….we haven’t quite decided on the theme but it’ll probs be a little different.

For giving up your most coveted poses for us, we will provide in return:

  • A Goodie Bag: with some tasty little treats from our vintage, customized and hand-made collection.
  • Photos: We can give you a copy of the photos so you can boost your portfolio or for your own promotions.
  • Travel expenses within Glasgow (or say getting to g-town from Edinburgh or near by).
  • Lunch and Nibbles on the day.

Send us a pic (or a link to your facebook) and a few words about yourself at

Look forward to hearing from y’all…

The Jazz xxx


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