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Our dearest Nony,

Many apologies for the delay, we have been recovering from Granny Would Be Proud’s birthday shenanigans!

So kind of you to think of The Jazz in your hour of need.

As the days are getting shorter and there is teeny chill in the air (like someone breathing creepily down your neck) as summer disappears – the sartorial problem of dressing seasonally appropriate and still being stylish does rear it’s fugly head. Here at the Emporium we understand your predicament completely. We, also, agree that Blazers transport everyone to snooze-ville now.

Thus, the fashion consensus for AW 10/11 and our cover up of choice for autumn is now the cape! There are a multitude of shapes, lengths, materials, new or vintage ones out there….you will find the perfect one for you.

We like, a lot, the army overtones and slouchy nature of the one below from awesome e-shop NASTY GAL, it’s by Daryl Cape $220.

Pick a light to moderate weight cape that you can either throw on over you summery outfit for some protection from the dipping sun or when the weather turns cooler, you merely supply warmth with the addition of a thicker jumper/cardigan underneath. Job done!

Also, for all the Scottish fashionistas our favourite waterproof cape/poncho is off the vintage Mary Quant variety. We do love a bit of Colour-Blocking at The Jazz!

And when the weather does finally embrace the inevitable minus degrees, the answer is definitely vintage fur or faux-fur coats accessorized with long leather gloves. A classic, non?

We hope that The Jazz have alleviated your fashion woes.

Mucho Lovo,

The Jazz Emporium xx


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