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Here at The Jazz we like to mix it up! Pirating the best from all that’s gone before and throwing it on  with the present trends, and even those of the distant future….We’ll leave the truly authentic die-hard vintage look and lifestyle to those who can pull it off with perfect pizazz, like Diary of Vintage Girl or Queens of Vintage.

Photo from Polyvore.

On that note. How freakin’ awesome is this giant necklace which turns out to be by none other than one of The Jazz’s fav fashion-designers Jean Charles de Castelbajac!!!

We’ve been majorly lusting after this ever since a standard traipsing through youtube looking for more tunes by Annie, no not that screechy musical, rather a electro-tastic pop star from Norway. She’s wearing it in the vid for “Songs Remind Me of You”, which appears to be a film of her album photoshoot.

No idea what season it’s from, how much it cost, or even if you could buy it anywhere anymore.


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